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Green Terramesh
Green Terramesh is an environmental friendly Yuanxi gabion type used for erosion control for rivers, shorelines and streambanks. They provide immediate and long-term erosion control and create hospitable conditions for plant establishment.
Green Terrameshs help to slow water velocities near the banks and trap sediment. They are made of PVC coated wire mesh baskets with an inclined face of 45 or 60, lined with a coconut fiber blanket on the facing and filled with a mix of stone and topsoil. The 1000 gr/m2 heavy coconut mat has a durability of 3 to 5 years that allows vegetation establishment.
The integration of the vegetation provides a high resistance and durability of the structure. As the root system develops, it reinforces the soil providing a significant resistance to the structure.
Live staking and brush layering are two soil bioengineering techniques frequently use with Green Terramesh to enhance the vegetation.
Material Delivery
Green Terramesh<0099> units are supplied in the collapsed form, folded and bundled. The bundles are compressed, strapped together and wrapped with plastic at the factory for easy shipping and handling. Each bundle is labelled with a tag reporting the sizes of the units contained. Lacing wire is supplied in coils. Ring fasteners (Figure 4) are shipped inboxes which must be stored in a dry environment.
Green Terramesh Green Terramesh Green Terramesh

The folded units shall be taken out from the bundle and placed on a hard flat surface. Green Terramesh<0099> units shall be opened, unfolded and pressed out to their original shape. When the units are unfolded for assembly, they will have one or two shipping folds. They can be removed by placing the fold over a board and walking along the sides.
Fixing Procedure
When using lacing wire, cut off a piece of wire approximately 1,5 times the length of the edge to be tied. The maximum length of the edge to be tied at one time shall not exceed 1 m. Longer edges shall be joined by several lengths of wire. Lacing wires shall be secured around the selvedge wire or heavier edge wire, where present, by looping and twisting the lacing wire around itself. Proceed tying with alternate double and single loops (Figure 3). Double loops shall be made at intervals not greater than 300 mm. All panels shall be pulled tightly together during the tying operation. Pliers (Figure 5) may be used to create tight joints. The other end of the lacing wire shall be secured by again looping and twisting the wire around itself. When using lacing wire to assemble the units care should be taken to avoid damaging the wire coating. When steel ring fasteners are used, the custom made We Manual Spenax Tool (Figure 5) is required and available for hire. Rings shall be installed at the top and the bottom connections of the end and centre diaphragms and then a maximum spacing of 100 mm along all edges shall be used.Connect with ring fasteners between adjacent units. Connections made along the panel edges assure a flat surface for fill placement.
Foundation Preparation
The foundation on which the Green Terra mesh<0099> units are to be placed shall be level and graded to the elevations as shown on the project construction drawings, and free of surface irregularities, loose material and vegetation inaccordance with the project specifications.
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